Fuels that cannot be used on their own are often wasted into a stream of revenue. Through the quality process we use at K-Solv, we are able to create renewable fuels, making waste less abundant for any business. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to bring in various types of petroleum streams that would otherwise be useless to our clients and turn them into an effective fuel blend that allows you to experience higher profits and less waste.


One of the biggest benefits companies realize by using us for their renewable fuels is our ability to source, blend and distribute the fuels right from our own lab. This allows us to build valuable relationships with customers around the world, providing them with top-quality fuels to help make their business profitable. There is never a question or concern about the validity of our fuels. We have the safety and profitability of our clients at the forefront of our business.


Safety is our number one concern at K-Solv, which is why our fuel refining and storage process uses only the finest ingredients, enabling our customers to safely use our fuels. We offer the peace of mind that there are no harmful additives or inorganic acids used simply to improve a ship’s performance. We abide by the strictest standards our clients can trust. At K-Solv, it is our mission to provide clients with valuable renewable fuels that enable higher profits and incredible safety.


K-Solv has the ability to bring in many different petroleum streams for blending. We take the streams that, by themselves, could not be utilized in the gasoline process. With our own lab and numerous tanks, we are able to blend these streams together and make them acceptable for gasoline blendstock. This allows us to turn our customers’ offspec fuels into something valuable, thereby, reducing waste cost and turning your offspec stream into revenue