Plasticizers are primarily known for their use in creating polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. A majority of the market for this additive is for the creation of this product. Its main function is to make the appearance and feeling of plastic softer. This is accomplished by the additives that force their way in between the chains of polymers. The larger the number of plasticizers in a product, the more flexible it becomes.

other uses

Plasticizers, while predominantly known for their use with plastics, can also have benefits for the concrete and stucco industries. The main function in the concrete industry is the ability to create a more flexible solution. Concrete itself is hard and inflexible, especially when water is withheld from the concrete to create a stronger product. The sheer difficulty in mixing makes the presence of plasticizers beneficial because it makes the mixture much easier to mix and use. The same benefits are realized in stucco mixtures to create workable wallboard. 


Plasticizers can change the chemical composition of a variety of products to give users a flexible, durable product to work with. Plastics in particular become much less brittle, enabling them to avoid breaking apart. A variety of polymers are simply too brittle to create a quality product with the use of plasticizers. K-Solv offers top-quality plasticizers that are safe for use in all your products. We encourage you to call us today regarding your needs for this additive to see how we can help you create quality products for your business.