Many goods are transported by sea aboard large barges. Some of these barges may transport dangerous materials. No matter what is on board the barge, you need to find a place to get rid of the heel, residual cargo and any other substances that can impede the functionality of your ship. Our docks at K-Solv are fully equipped to handle all your maritime services to ensure you get to your destination on time. We understand your arrival deadlines are important to you and your clients.


While there are many docks that are able to provide cleaning services to your vessels, our docks boast the ability to clean your vessel and get it back in top condition in no time. We offer state-of-the-art services that provide you with everything you need without slowing you down. We are equipped to handle both pressurized barges and regular barges to best meet the needs of all shippers. Our maritime services include nitrogen handling and a vapor control unit for depressurization.


When you trust us for your maritime services, you can count on finding certified and qualified personnel on hand 24 hours a day. If you arrive at night, someone is always on call. Our docks are capable of handling ships up to 300 feet long in single or tandem configurations. We carry U.S. Coast Guard, EPA and TCEQ certifications so you can feel confident in the safety of our services. When you arrive at our dock, our personnel will handle the removal of all your chemicals and hydrocarbons, including gasoline, gas blends, cutter stock, diesel fuel and all refined chemicals with a capacity of up to 67,000 gallons.

K-Solv has a state-of-the-art barge stripping facility, located on the Houston Ship Channel in Channelview, TX. Stripping consists of pumping as much residual cargo as possible from the barge. We ensure a clean, environmentally safe place for barge operators to have heel removed, while minimizing lost transit time between ports.

  • Nitrogen
  • Vapor control unit (VCU) - for depressurization

Certified and qualified personnel are on-site during daylight hours, and on ready-call 24-hours a day. K-Solv is certified to operate by the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. EPA, and the TCEQ. We can handle barges up to 300 feet long, either single or in tandem, and have containment capability to store several thousand gallons of most chemicals and hydrocarbons.
Products we receive include:

  • Gasoline & gas blends
  • Cutter stock
  • Diesel fuel & diesel blendstocks
  • All refined chemicals