Glycerine, otherwise known as glycerol, is a polyol compound that is mainly used in food processes but does have uses in other industries. We offer high-quality glycerine products that are suitable to be used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries for the best results. This colorless and odorless liquid is created from fats and oils in large quantities – more than 350,000 tons are produced per year in the United States with projected rates of production rising in the future.


There are many uses for glycerine, making it an in-demand product. In the food industry, this product can be used as a sweetener, solvent and preservation agent. It is also used in many pharmaceutical applications, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, skin and beauty care products, cough and cold medicines and personal lubricants. Glycerol is also used to create antifreeze and nitroglycerin, which is used to make smokeless gun powder and explosives. The product we offer can be used in any of these processes due to its quality.


The quality of glycerine varies greatly depending on the processes that create the product. When you purchase this product from us, you can count on receiving only high-quality glycerol that is approved to be used in all these processes. We are experienced with handling chemicals, as well as other similar products, to provide a variety of industries with the high-quality products they need to produce their own products. No matter which industry you work in, we can provide you with the quality and amount of product you need to make your operation a success.