Product - Chlorinated Solvents

Quality Chlorinated Solvents

At K-Solv, we offer a large variety of chlorinated solvents for use in the commercial and industrial sectors. The sheer presence of a strong chlorine chemical helps the solvent dissolve other materials to create end products or chemical intermediaries. We provide top-quality products in a timely fashion to provide you with the ingredients you require.

Methylene Chloride Solvent

Methylene chloride solvent is used in a variety of industries and products, including paint removers, a solvent for plastics and as a mixture for propellant. It can be utilized as a solvent for oils, fats and waxes, as well as an agent for extracting pharmaceuticals. It can be used on its own or mixed with various other substances to further its uses. Methylene chloride has been used to remove the caffeine from tea and coffee and weld plastics, as well as in the garment printing industry and in civil engineering.


The initial use of trichloroethylene was simply to extract vegetable oils from various vegetables. Today, it is also widely known for its use as a metal degreaser because it is an effective solvent for grease, oil and fat. It is also used in the textile industry to scour various fabrics, as well as to assist in the dying process.


Perchloroethylene is one of the most widely known chlorinated solvents and is used as a dry cleaning solvent and metal degreaser. It is also widely used in the chemical industry to support chemical reactions and to create various cleaners, such as those for brakes, engines and tires.