K-Solv’s on-site chemical laboratories represent an integral part of our superior quality control processes. Staff chemists and technicians have the product expertise necessary to maintain the high level of quality you expect in the chemicals we distribute.


K-Solv has the ability to bring in many different petroleum streams for blending. We take the streams that, by themselves, could not be utilized in the gasoline process. With our own lab and numerous tanks, we are able to blend these streams together and make them acceptable for gasoline blendstock. This allows us to turn our customers’ offspec fuels into something valuable, thereby, reducing waste cost and turning your offspec stream into revenue

  • pH Testing
  • Flash Point Testing
  • Karl Fisher Water Titrations
  • Acid/Base Titrations
  • Color Measurement (True Color – APNA)
  • Full GC (Gas Chromatograph) Solvent Analysis
  • Aromatics Content
  • Specific Gravity / API Gravity
  • Total Oxyenated (fuels)
  • Total Sulphur (fuels)
  • Certification of Analysis