The distribution of chemicals can be a risky business due to the potential dangers of many of the chemicals. Whether you need to ship chemicals to another business or you need to store a shipment for a period of time, K-Solv is the answer to all your chemical distribution needs. We offer a prime location over other chemical distribution companies, centrally located in the Houston, Texas, area. It is our goal to provide you with the safe, efficient chemical distribution you desire.


We offer a wide variety of services to our clients, providing you with a better selection than many other chemical distribution companies. For instance, we buy, package and sell a wide variety of chemicals to businesses and other entities around the world, providing them with the chemicals they need for all their processes. We offer onsite bulk storage of chemicals, as well as a variety of cost-effective distribution services that make it easy for you to ship your chemicals to your clients. From start to finish, you will work with the same person to avoid miscommunications through the process.


Even though most chemical distribution companies offer the utmost in safety, we make it our goal to ensure the health and safety of both the people who will handle the chemicals throughout the process and the environment. Whether you need to transport your chemicals over land or the water, you can count on our dedication to leaving the environment in the same condition it was before we passed through the area.