Product - Amines

Quality Amines

Amines, or derivatives of ammonia, consist of a nitrogen atom that contains various other atoms that are substituted with one from the akyl group. There are four basic subcategories of these atoms: primary, secondary, tertiary and cyclic. The naming conventions simply signify the number of atoms that have been replaced with an akyl atom. Primary signifies one atom has been replaced; secondary signifies two atoms replaced and tertiary three atoms replaced. Cyclic amines are the category of secondary or tertiary atoms that are created through the replacement of the atoms.

Their Use with Dyes

Azo dyes are made with primary amines. The atoms greatly interact with nitrous acid that creates a reaction that forms the azo compound. These dyes are then used in a variety of industries that require in-depth color and vibrancy. A few of the colors azo dyes are known for are Sunset Yellow, Methyl Orange and Azo Blue. One well-known industry that makes use of blue azo dyes is the DVD-R and CD-R industry as its layer for recording.

Variety of Drugs

There are a variety of pharmaceutical drugs that mimic the effects of amines and are widely used today, both over the counter and as prescriptions. The most common drugs include antihistamines, which are mostly used to treat allergies, and decongestants, which are meant to help with mucus congestion. They can also be found in various tranquilizers that are meant to sedate without causing sleepiness, as well as in a variety of controlled substances, such as amphetamines and methamphetamines.