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Quality Alcohols

At K-Solv, we understand the importance of providing our clients with quality alcohols to create their end product. We are able to ship any alcohol on demand because we understand the nature of the fast changing needs of our clients. You can turn to us for quality materials, fast turnaround and the immense knowledge our highly trained staff offers our clients. We offer a wide variety of products for many end uses to help you provide quality, cost-effective products.

Methyl Amyl Alcohol

Methyl amyl alcohol is mainly a solvent for a variety of solutions, including dyes, brake fluid, waxes and resins. This liquid is clear with little color and a mild odor.

Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

Tertiary butyl alcohol is used in a wide variety of industrial applications, with its main function serving as a chemical intermediate. Many sectors also use it as a reactor or a solvent. It can also be found in laboratories because it is a non-reactive solvent in chemical reactions. In addition, it is used in the creation of fertilizers and pesticides.

Isobutyl Alcohol

Isobutyl alcohol has a variety of uses, including the addition to lacquer, flavoring agents, varnish removers, polish additives, ink and paint. Some industries also use it as a gasoline alternative for the use in combustion engines.

N-Propyl Alcohol

N-propyl alcohol has many uses in the painting and printing industries. The paint industry uses it as a solvent to create paint. In the printing industry, it is used as a cleaning solvent, as well as a solvent for flexography and gravure printing.

N-Butyl Alcohol

There are many uses of N-butyl alcohol in the industrial sector, as well as other industries. Found in the creation of perfume, essential oils, antibiotics, vitamins, paint solvent, brake fluid and dyes, it can also be used as an intermediate in the creation of various industrial chemicals.

2-Ethyl Hexanol

The main use for 2-ethyl hexanol is as a plasticizer due to its incredible solubility in organic solvents and fatty properties.

At K-Solv, we provide only top-quality alcohols you can trust to use in your end products.