Product - acids


Acids are some of the most dangerous chemicals due to their ability to burn through a variety of materials. With our services at K-Solv, you can feel confident in our ability to handle acid with the utmost care, whether you require a phosphoric acid solution, a hydrochloric acid solution or an acetic acid solution. Each of these types of acids can be dangerous if they aren’t handled correctly. It is our job to make sure they reach their destination without causing health or environmental problems.

Phosphoric Acid Solution

One of the most common uses of phosphoric acid solutions is in the creation of processed foods and beverages, particularly carbonated beverages. Some of the other uses for this type of solution include removing rust from metal, anti-nausea medication, orthodontics and more. When you need a phosphoric acid solution for any of these processes, you can count on our product to provide you with the quality acid you require.

Hydrochloric Acid Solution

Hydrochloric acid is one of the most dangerous acids, especially in its pure form. However, a hydrochloric acid solution is used in a variety of situations, including rust removal, concrete cleaning, toilet bowl cleaning and as an additive in some foods. Our high-quality solutions will allow you to use it safely in any product in which it is needed.

Acetic Acid Solution

An acetic acid solution is most often used in medical situations for the treatment of certain infections, particularly in the ear, and other ailments. However, it can also be used to stop the processes in photo development and as a preservative when making pickles. Whether you need to use this type of solution for medical purposes or to make pickles or photographs, we provide the high quality acids you need.