Product - Surfactants


There are many processes in a variety of industries that require the combination of two materials that won’t naturally combine. Due to the surface tension between two substances, such as water and oil or a solid and a liquid, it can be difficult to complete your processes. To help these two substances, you need to use surfactants. We offer a variety of these products to ensure you can find just the right one to complete your processes with ease.

Uses of a Surfactant

There are many ways surfactants are used in a variety of industries. In general, these substances are used for cleaning, dispersing, emulsifying, foaming and even anti-foaming. Any situation that requires two substances that don’t typically blend together or work together to have an impact on each other can benefit from the use of a surfactant. One of the most basic understandings of the use of a surfactant is in the case of an oil spill on concrete. Plain water won’t work well to clean the oil, but if you add a surfactant, it makes a world of difference.

Our Offerings

We offer a variety of surfactants so you can find the one that best meets your needs. Our product offering includes NP-4, a powerful oil-soluble emulsifier; NP-6, a nonionic emulsifier that is often used in cleaning and adhesive processes; NP-9, a nonionic surfactant used in cleaning, paints and metalworking; and NP-9.5, a nonionic surfactant that is best suited for wetting and detergent cleaning.