Product - N-methylpyrrolidone


N-methylpyrrolidone is known as a leading substitution for methylene chloride in paint stripping materials, as well as those used in removal of graffiti and cleanup in industrial sectors. There are a variety of benefits of using this chemical over methylene chloride, including its reduced odor, low evaporation rate and water solubility. At K-Solv, we offer quality chemicals such as this to enable you to produce quality products and solutions for your customers.


N-methylpyrrolidone is slightly yellow in appearance and mixes well with water, as well as various solvents, such as ethyl acetate, chloroform and various alcohols. It is widely used to dissolve chemicals in the polymers industry, as well as a solvent in various treatments for textiles and metal-coated plastics. It is also widely known for its use in paint strippers. A less commonly known use is its involvement in the formulation of various pharmaceutical drugs. It also has various derivatives that are used in some agrochemicals, the plastics industry and the creation of specialty inks.



N-methylpyrrolidone displays properties of low volatility, as well as low flammability. It does possess low toxicity but care should be taken when there is a large amount of worker exposure to this chemical, especially in the industries of paint stripping and graffiti removal. It possesses a large number of benefits that can assist a variety of industries in creating quality end products that allows your business to remain competitive and profitable.