Product - esters


Esters are created with carboxylic acids that can be manufactured or may occur naturally. In general, a natural ester occurs in plants and animals, primarily in fats and oils. There are such a large number of these esters it can be difficult to name them all. If there is an ester you need for your processes, contact us to find out which ones we have in stock and which ones we will be able to obtain for you.


Esters are commonly used in candies and other food products that smell like fruit but don’t actually contain the real fruit. Each type of ester produces a completely different fruity smell. For instance, the butyl butyrate will produce the smell of pineapple, methyl cinnamate smells like strawberry and propyl acetate smells like pear. Because of the various smells, they are also often used as artificial scents to create fragrances.


One of the most unique things about esters is the way they are made up. Each type of ester is made up of a different string of molecules. The length of that string can have an impact on a variety of factors, affecting the use of that particular ester. For instance, an ester with a short string of molecules will be highly soluble, while those that have a long string are less soluble. The boiling point will also vary depending on the length of the molecule string. This is why fats react differently than oils – oils are more soluble than fats and each has a different boiling point.