Product - Base Oils / Mineral Oils

Base Oils / Mineral Oils


Oil is one of the biggest industries in Texas. When oil is refined to create the products people use every day, there are certain byproducts that are left over. We carry the base oils and mineral oils that often remain when the rest of the crude oil is transformed into gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and more. Because of the large amounts of crude oil that is processed on a daily basis, there are large amounts of these two types of oil to be used for a variety of purposes.


Base Oils


Base oils are those that are categorized as lubrication grade and are used in a variety of industries for lubricating the machines. These oils are also often used with guar slurries to help with the fracturing process. When these oils are produced, they will fall into one of five groups based on the way the base oil is created and what it contains. For instance, Group I base oil has less than 90 percent saturates and more than 0.3 percent sulfur. The viscosity should be between 80 and 120. Each group works better for different uses.


Mineral Oils


Mineral oils are another byproduct of the processing of crude oil. This type of oil is actually produced in large quantities, making it an inexpensive option, which is why it has such a wide variety of uses. Some of the most common uses for this oil are in creating cosmetics, cell culturing in a laboratory, veterinary treatments and even food preparation.