Product - Antifreeze

Quality Antifreeze


Antifreeze, otherwise known as a chemical additive, helps prevent water or other liquids from freezing. Its main purpose is to prevent deformation of engines, chillers and heaters that could occur as a result of the expansion of a frozen liquid, such as water. The selection of the chemical additive needs to be concise because it dictates the temperature range at which a liquid remains a liquid. If you are unsure about the selection that is right for you, feel free to contact our specialists for our expert advice.


Use in Automotives


In order for auto engines to remain cool, they need the assistance of a liquid. While water contains the cooling properties an engine requires, it can easily freeze in below freezing temperatures, causing severe damage to an engine. The proper mixture of water and antifreeze resolves this issue. The proper choice of this chemical additive can help an engine stay within recommended temperatures, avoiding damage from freezing or overheating.


Proper Mixtures


At K-Solv, you can trust we will provide you with the proper mixture of water and the right glycol to create the antifreeze solution you require. Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol can both be used in combination with water to create solutions. PGW is friendlier to the environment and is becoming more widely used. In addition, EGW has toxic properties that could be harmful if proper safety concerns are not met. You can trust we will follow the utmost safety standards, providing you with the quality products you require.