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company overview

K-Solv is a leading provider of chemical distribution and maritime services, as well as renewable fuels. Our vast experience, knowledge, and strong purchasing power allow us to offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions for all your chemical needs.

We are particularly known for delivering "customized" solutions according to your exact specifications - regardless of complexity, market conditions, or time frame.

K-Solv's primary focus has always been the customer. Our success can be attributed to strong business relationships that last over time.

Mission Statement:
K-Solv is committed to providing economical and comprehensive chemical solutions for every customer while helping to preserve the environment.

The K-Solv Advantage

K-Solv is one of the fastest growing chemical distributors in the Gulf Coast and South regions of the United States.
Our rapid growth can be attributed to several competitive advantages:

  • Large storage and blending facility that spans more than 6 acres
  • Full chemical laboratory services located on-site
  • Ability to source chemicals in all market conditions
  • Bulk purchasing at cost-effective prices
  • Cross-trained staff to help provide technical assistance regarding product knowledge and usage
  • Strategic location on the Houston Ship Channel


With each order, we strive to exceed your expectations and continually improve our services.

That's the K-Solv advantage!


Chemical Distribution

Centrally located in the chemical hub of the greater Houston area, K-Solv's facility is ideally situated for efficient commerce and freight handling

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Renewable Fuels

K-Solv has the ability to bring in many different petroleum streams for blending. We take the streams that, by themselves, could not be utilized in the gasoline process. 

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Chemical Laboratories

K-Solv's on-site chemical laboratories represent an integral part of our superior quality control processes. Staff chemists and technicians have the product expertise necessary to maintain the high level of quality you expect in the chemicals we distribute.

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Maritime Services

K-Solv has a state-of-the-art barge stripping facility, located on the Houston Ship Channel in Channelview, TX. Stripping consists of pumping as much residual cargo as possible from the barge. We ensure a clean, environmentally safe place for barge operators to have heel removed, while minimizing lost transit time between ports.

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Industrial Tank Cleaning

K-Solv has brought together a team of companies to provide a complete tank cleaning service.  Chemical and crude oil industrial tanks can be efficiently and economically cleaned under the current regulatory requirements using K-Solv’s unique combination of services.

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